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- Marketing Requirements -

  • On every marketing piece, you must include:

    • Salesperson(s) Name (as recognized by the DRE)

    • Salesperson(s) 8 digit license #

    • A title: broker, agent, real estate licensee, licensee, or Realtor®

    • Broker Name or Logo

      • Folsom Broker DRE# 01406150

      • East County Broker DRE# 01434204

    • If it is a multiple page document, and the salesperson name is on more than one page, than the salesperson #, Broker Name and # must also be on those pages.

    • Are all license numbers no smaller than the smallest font on the marketing piece and legible?

  • If an agent specific logo is used, then:

    • All boxes from step 1 must be completed

    • The agent logo must not be more prominent and conspicuous than the broker logo or brokerage name.

  • Only if a DBA is used (this is for Team names that do not include the surname of a salesperson)

    • All boxes from step 1 & 2 must be completed

      • For Folsom: The DBA must be registered with the DRE under DRE# 01406150

      • For East County: The DBA must be registered with the DRE under DRE# 01434204

    • If using a logo, the logo may only contain the exact DBA

  • If additional logos are needed, please contact:

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