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Designed with the “New-to-the-Business” Agent in mind, our Launch Program is a powerful way to effectively get your business productive, your skills sharpened, and your confidence sky high. With a combination of trainings, group coaching, and one-on-one time with a personal coach, the Launch Program makes your path to real estate sales success easy.

Brandi Underwood (2).jpg

Brandi Underwood

CALDRE #01946706

Director of Productivity

John Luebbert.jpg

John Luebbert

CALDRE #01882306

Folsom Lead Launch Coach


Jeret Arnaz

CALDRE #01426801

Folsom Launch Coach

Stacey Amaral.jpg

Stacey Amaral

CALDRE #01489489

Folsom Launch Coach

Greg Varozza.jpg

Greg Varozza

CALDRE #01393254

Folsom Dual Career Coach

John Ojo.jpg

John Ojo

CALDRE #01993546

EDH Productivity Coach

Kellie Temby.JPG

Kellie Temby

CALDRE #01300549

East County Lead Launch Coach

NIcole Hunt
Parker McKee

Nicole Hunt

CALDRE #02035367

East County Launch Coach

Parker McKee

CALDRE #02076677

EDH Lead Launch Coach

Madison McArthur

Madison McArthur

CALDRE #02055177

Folsom Dual Career Coach


In an effort to support you and your real estate career, we have developed the THRIVE Productivity Coaching Program, which will allow you to work directly with a personal coach to guide you through building a solid foundation for your real estate business and to coach you in developing the skills you need to be successful.  Coaching is an on-going conversation to provide encouragement, guidance and honest feedback, as YOU pursue YOUR personal and professional goals. The expectation is for you to GROW while reaching your potential!


For our Top Producing Agents, we’ve developed a unique coaching program based on the principals of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book and The John Maxwell Co. to take their businesses to the upper tiers of the industry. Bi-monthly one-on-one meetings focus on reaching yearly goals, lead generation strategies, team building, expansion, leadership development, personal growth plans and more.

Rachel Thoene.jpg

Rachel Thoene

CALDRE #01915271

Folsom Market Center

Melissa Deltoro

Melissa Deltoro

CALDRE #01893360

East County Market Center

Rick Cogil.jpg

Rick Cogil

CALDRE #02109423

EL Dorado Hills Market Center


For our top producing agents who earn their way into the top 5% of the office production, we’ve developed a unique quarterly coaching/consulting opportunity. Quarterly group mastermind sessions on leadership and mindset. 

Jillian Anderson 4.jpg

Jillian Anderson

CALDRE #01395216


Essentia Consulting Group was created out of the inclination to help people create what they desire out of their life and business.  Simplifying that which overwhelms people to help them reach their goals.  Working together to breakdown and move forward through compassion, empathy, and reality.

Jillian Anderson 4.jpg

Jillian Anderson

CALDRE #01395216

Untitled design (8).png

MAPS Coaching

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